Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Traditional Media Remains Strong, Print Advertising Reduces and Internet Marketing Shows the Highest Increase

Online ad revenues, recently reported to have increased by 15.2% in the US, predictably was the fastest-growing advertising medium on a global basis, up by 9.9%. Online ad measurement was limited to the display format, though. In the US, display ad revenues grew by 13.4%.

At 62.8% of revenues, TV accounted for easily the largest portion of global advertising spend, followed by newspapers (19.5%) and magazines (8%). Radio (5.2%) and outdoor (2.3%) each also grabbed a higher portion of spend than the internet (1.9%). The internet’s share of the pie seems quite low, and it’s unclear if that’s because it was measured in a smaller subset of markets.

Other Findings:
  • At 0.3% of spending, cinema accounted for the smallest share of advertising dollars.
  • Display ad spend in Latin America grew by 21.2%, while rising 7.2% in Europe.
  • Asia-Pacific (10.3%) and Europe (7.4%) saw above-average increases in cinema advertising.
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