Monday, December 9, 2013

Instagram Reaches Top 10 in Smartphone App Use

Instagram ranked 10th in smartphone apps used from August to October 2013 with a total of 25.5% reach among adult iOS and Android app users according to the latest report from comScore.  Instagram enjoyed larger reach than Twitter’s app  at 21.8% although Facebook’s mobile app reached 75.7% of adult iOS and Android app users.

The closest competitor to Facebook in the smartphone app popularity contest is Google Play, with its 54% which is significantly less. Google Search had 52.2% usage followed by Pandora Radio at 48.2% and YouTube at 48% rounding out the top 5 apps.  Smartphone use continues to rise, up 0.5% points from the previous month to reach 62.5% of the mobile market. At this time last year, use was at 51.9% and the year before 38.5% – underscoring just how fast smartphone use has grown.

Android’s 52.2% share of the smartphone market was up from its 51.8% share during the 3 month average ending in July. Apple’s share also inched up by a hair, adding 0.2% points to 40.6%. With that 40.6% share, Apple maintained its considerable lead over Samsung among equipment manufacturer's, despite the Samsung's 1.3% point increase to 25.4% market share. HTC moved 1.3% points down to 6.7% share.   Instagram continues to see growth and must be incorporated as part of any successful Social Marketing and SEO solution.  

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