Friday, February 18, 2011

Women Lead Men in Social Networking Usage, Facebook Still # 1

One demographic trend that continued to increase in 2010 was women extending their lead on men in the share of their online time spent on social networking websites. Women spent 16.8% of their online time on social networking sites, up 36.5% from 12.3% of their online time a a year earlier.
By comparison, men spent 12% of their time on social networking sites in December 2010, up 32% from 9.1% a year earlier. The comScore data shows women not only use social networking websites more than men, but they are also accelerating their usage at a faster rate.

Of all the social networking websites Facebook continues to lead with an increase of 153.9 Million Users in December 2010 alone (38% increase).  Facebook now has more traffic than the # 1 Search Engine, Google making social marketing equally important to search engine marketing in terms of reach.
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