Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Social Media Marketing Assists with Customer Satisfaction & Brand Performance

Retailers and businesses can use social media to turn consumers who have had a negative experience with their brand into brand advocates according to a new report from RightNow and Harris Interactive. Data from “The Retail Consumer Report” indicates 68% of US consumers who posted a complaint or negative review of a holiday shopping experience during the 2010 holiday season were contacted by the retailer. Two thirds (67%) of them wound up taking an action that would be considered positive for the brand.

Out of the 68% that complained and were contacted following a negative social media posting 34% deleted their original negative review, 33% turned around and posted a positive review and 18% became a loyal customer purchasing again. 

These figures show 85% of customers who posted a negative review of a shopping experience and were then contacted by the retailer wound up taking an action that was positive for the retailer. Two thirds (67%) took an action through social media directly removing or improving their original negative posting. 

Excellent Customer Service Improves Online Purchasing

Half of all online buyers shared that great customer service and/or a previous positive experience as influencing their decision to buy from a specific online retailer. After a positive online shopping experience, 31% of consumers purchased again, 21% recommended the seller to their friends, and 13% posted a positive review on a social network.

Effective professional social networking and social marketing will reach more buyers, sell more, improve customer satisfaction and assist with branding.  All business today providing a product or service needs to have professional Social Media Marketing and Social Networking setup and managed every week.  To contact the Internet Builder Consulting Social Marketing Experts call 816-842-7774 or visit us online. 

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