Monday, November 9, 2009

Facebook Changes Feeds for Users & Search Engines

October 2009 facebook entered into agreements with search engines to provide content from user posts (information users submit on profiles, groups or pages) which coincided with changes to seperate what facebook considers NEWS from users LIVE FEED. The Live Feed contains all information or posts from all connected members, groups or pages while NEWS FEED is filtered by what facebook considers to be 'news worthy' information.

The NEWS feeds are sent to search engines while LIVE Feeds are only seen by connected parties on facebook. There is no guarantee that NEWS feeds will be listed on a search engine (it depends on how relevant the post is considered by each search engine). Facebook shares the following information as to the new change between NEWS and LIVE Feeds:

What is the difference between News Feed and Live Feed?
News Feed aggregates the most interesting content that your friends are posting, while Live Feed shows you all the actions your friends are making in real-time.

How does News Feed determine which content is most interesting?
The News Feed algorithm bases this on a few factors: how many friends are commenting on a certain piece of content, who posted the content, and what type of content it is (e.g. photo, video, or status update).

The most effective way to ensure posts are included in NEWS feeds (facebook also set the default view for all user home pages to NEWS Feed) is to post the most relevant engaging information, images or content. This means the people or companies who simply throw anything on social networking website just to have content will be excluded from NEWS Feeds for the most part. Others who share interesting viable information that engages other users will see much better results.

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