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Twitter Statistics and Growth Rate

Millions of people are using Twitter daily though the top social media website has a large 'drop rate' above all other social media marketing. The latest Twitter Statistics available from May 2009 show the following information:

* 60% Abandonment Rate

There was some recent news about Twitter having a whopping 60% abandonment rate. This means that for every 5 people using twitter, 3 people decide not to continue using it. This makes sense as Twitter perks curiosity but not many people can maintain or want to maintain a continual feed of “tweets”. This is the same reason there are millions of blogs that are never updated.

* 17 Million Unique US Visitors in April

However despite a large abandonment rate, ComScore released Twitter Statistics for April and it showed Twitter reaching 17 million unique visitors in the United States. That is a whopping 83 percent increase from March! In March 2009 Twitter had already doubled it’s user base from the month before.

Twitter going Mainstream: Broad Uses

Twitter is gaining popularity not only for personal uses but for businesses. Businesses use Twitter as a way of keeping their loyal users in touch with what is going on with a particular product or service. It is a tool to humanize the corporation and to build a community. Celebrities and other prominent figures use twitter to speak to their fans or supporters.

Tweets are frequently used to do quick news updates during large conferences or events. People can follow the play-by-play commentary just as they were listening to the radio. TV shows like Nightline has used twitter as a way for users to give immediate feedback during their shows. It also allows people to keep in tabs with what is going on with their friends, family or the unlucky people they are stalking.

Recently the public received the first twitter tweets from outer space:

I’m going to put my spacesuit on, next stop: Earth Orbit!!

From orbit: Launch was awesome!! I am feeling great, working hard, & enjoying the magnificent views, the adventure of a lifetime has begun!


* Visitors Spend 7.9 Minutes a Day on Twitter
* Twice as much time is spent on Twitter today over December 2007
* Pagesviews: 428 Million in April 2009 (219 Million in March 2009)

A comical explanation of Twitter and it's use may be found through YouTube...

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